Leverage the power of connections,
for things which matter the most for
your business, the people

An innovative disrupting platform which provides meaningful connections and
employment ready workforce to companies

Workers and companies network with each other for the purposes of
establishing an employment relationship

Jombone uses Data Science and Semantic Web (Web3.0) by harnessing actionable
network intelligence derived from the ongoing interaction between workers and
companies in real time.


  • High costs in conventional commission based staffing agency business model pushing for lower spend
  • Strong growth in industry vertical market segments, like Logistics , e-Commerce Fulfilment, Warehousing & Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing, Services and Construction driving workers demand
  • Increasing minimum hourly wages by Government also pushing for lower spend
  • Onset of millennial workforce, rely on mobility and social networking
  • Increased consumer confidence in technology/SaaS solutions

Product Capabilities

Volume & On-demand Contingent hiring

Jombone mobile apps allow workers to manage ongoing availability, work preferences, skills and network with desired and matching companies

Facial Recognition Based Time Entry

Jombone platform has an in-built facial recognition based time entry system to record sign-in and sign-out information of workers in real-time.

Google Maps Based Local Hiring

Jombone platform integrates with Google Maps to facilitate local hiring. Know the commute and transit before offering/accepting work.


Companies set up time entry geo-fence within which workers are allowed to sign-in or sign-out. Must have for on-field workers

Reference & Criminal Checks

Jombone platform allows submitting & reviewing employment references .Companies submit Criminal check requests for instant results.

Security & Access Control

Company admins set up HRs, Hiring Managers and Supervisors within Jombone and grant them access rights of different modules within Jombone with full audit log.

JScore - Workers Rating Engine

JScore, a score out of 900, takes into account over 120 unique parameters in real-time and determines the ongoing hire-ability/ employability of a worker.

Online Timesheet Approvals

Based on access control configured, admins grants access to hiring managers, supervisors, HR and recruitment teams to review and approve time sheets in real-time.

Video Interviews & Instant Messaging

Workers submit short video introductions through their profiles. Companies review videos, chat instantly and do video interviews within Jombone.

Payroll Services

Jombone integrates with ERP and Accounting Software to provide faster, reliable and accurate payroll services. Workers receive tax documents & pay stubs through the system.

Dynamic Workflow Management

Companies use Jombone�s workflow engine to manage job openings, offers, work assignments, current and past employments all in one place.

Analytics & Reporting

Companies have real-time access to out of the box canned reports through the dashboard. Companies visualize and forecast annual spend based on actual dollars spent.