Jombone's platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best-practices.

Transportation in Canada is an important industry and continues to grow year-over-year. 90% of consumer and food products sold in Canada are transported by truck with 1.7% of the Canadian labour force consisting of professional Drivers. $185 Billion dollars' worth of trade and goods are moved inter-provincially within Canada every year.

Cross-border trade between Canada and the United States will reach close to $500 Billion dollars' worth of goods transported 'over-the-road', originating and moving through the vast network of the Canadian transportation industry.

Our North American economy relies heavily on the complex transportation systems and company infrastructures in place to deliver our necessities of life, every moment of every day. In Canada, a shortage of professional truck drivers has been building since the early 1990s and has now reached record levels of Driver shortfalls. In addition, the transportation industry has become hyper-competitive with the internet globalization of trade and commerce.

Transportation companies have 'morphed' into full-service warehousing and logistics organizations, providing customer services such as: kitting, pick/pack, packaging, re-labelling, manual assembly of POP displays and whatever it takes, to service their Customers from cargo 'point-of-origin' right through to 'final mile' delivery destination.

Jombone platform helps transportation companies with 'just-in-time' trailer unloading, fork-lift Operators, warehouse order processors, logistics activities, relief Drivers, Dispatchers, Customer Service Reps and many more operations and front office staff required to service a fast-paced, unpredictable, demanding workflow.

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