Retail & Services

Jombone's platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best-practices.

Retail is one of the most important sectors driving economic growth in Canada. It connects the producers with the consumers in the economic system and engages in activities selling consumer goods and services to the public. The retail sector is highly competitive with low-profit margins which makes companies control costs to sustain profitability.

With growth and disruption in complementary sectors and trade globalization, the retail industry has become highly competitive and as a result, companies must focus equally on controlling their costs and safeguarding their market share through extensive employee training and engagement. Knowledgeable, highly trained staff is a key competitive edge for retailers who want to 'close sales' on their first touch of a Consumer visit to their store.

Retail 'big-box' and global, services 'chains' must 'flex' their workforce; scaling quickly to execute within their specific retail markets capitalizing on new and exciting promotions and incentives to foster consumer loyalty to their brand, maximize their peak 'seasonal' events and generate as much new market share possible, to meet their forecasted revenue projections and ultimately maintain shareholder satisfaction. Having access to a reliable, screened, motivated 'on-demand' workforce is crucial to meeting their day-to-day retail sales KPI's and revenue goals. While their Human Resources team focuses on top-tier talent acquisition to keep their organization at the top of their game, so to speak, they rely on outsourcing 'casual' labour hiring almost always paying a premium charge for this service.

The Jombone self-serve platform is a logical and cost-effective way to maintain a reliable 'on-demand' workforce who may be recalled to various retail 'event' sales with minimal re-training and onboarding time. Jombone's Candidate worker data may be flagged by Companies to recall high performing staff who met their expectations. Jombone's 'J' score (an algorithm enriched on a 900 score factor) of workers information is a vital tool in making swift and accurate decisions when offering assignments to workers on short staffing-up deadlines.

Jombone's platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best-practices and pass-on significant cost savings. The youthful, technology- proficient retail workforce will be able to utilize Jombone's user-friendly, 'point and click' digital platform with almost no learning curve.

Connect with us to learn how Jombone:

  • Provides hiring empowerment at local retail store levels at 50% less cost
  • Elevates hiring standards using industry 'best-practices' and allows full system transparency
  • Enables 'real-time', accurate timecard recording, 'geo-fencing' Employee access sign-in/out, unlimited multiple timesheet Approvers and payroll-ready file transfer
  • Provides valuable data analytics with real-time budget to actual reporting