Jombone's platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best-practices.

The Canadian manufacturing industry is on a strong growth path and constitutes about 10% of the country's GDP. Manufacturers export more than $354 billion each year which represents about 68% of Canadian merchandise exports. The industry employs more than 1.7 million full-time jobs.

With modernization, manufacturing companies are becoming innovative and high-tech; relying on a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Global 'hyper-competitive' markets are held to an international ISO standard, with a highly-trained, knowledgeable workforce becoming a top-tier priority for the success of manufacturers, who are committed to innovation and world-class products and service delivery. Offshore manufacturing in countries like India, China and Mexico has become significantly more expensive in recent years with the onset of labour cost increases, sub-standard quality control and the emergence of a growing middle-class in historically 'under-developed' countries.

The manufacturing industry has enjoyed a local resurgence of small and mid-size producers across almost 100% of product and service industries. New growth industry sectors such as 'Craft' brewers have played a significant role in adding to the skilled-trades shortage; utilizing high percentages of their workforce from the skilled trades. All, are adding pressure on a sector of the North American workforce that has already been on a decline for the last 30 years. The extreme shortage of a skilled-trades workforce has driven a compensation correction to this much-needed sector, thereby causing businesses to locate alternate areas to locate savings and protect their profit margins.

Jombone is committed to developing a vibrant, innovative and competitive network of skilled and semi-skilled workforce with companies to help build new skills and upgrade existing skills. At the same time, it ensures maximum cost savings through lean and efficient methods of hiring. Jombone's technology platform helps companies simplify hiring using leading-edge digital technologies, standardized staffing 'best-practices' and an impressive cost-savings model - all, as a result of the use of technology.

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