Jombone's platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best-practices.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and Supply Chain has made a come-back over the last few years with the advent of the burgeoning E-commerce sector and booming 'small business' sector. Companies that sell their products globally and require a local inventory and supply chain presence are relying on small to mid-sized '3PL' supply chain service models to deliver their products to local markets without the high cost of a 'bricks & mortar' facility and related overhead expenses.

New growth vertical industries such as craft beer, local wineries etc. require warehouse storage and wide-spread distribution to local marketplaces. Small business distribution and manufacturers rely on outsourced '3PL' third party logistics to get their products to market without the high costs of investing in their own overhead.

The third-party logistics industry has matured and continued to evolve over the last 30 years with operational 'SOP's' (standard operating procedure) having been tweaked for 'economies of scale' applications and operating efficiencies developed to their maximum potential. The use of technology has become the 'Go-To' business tool to reduce repetitive, manual activities where technology is able to replace or streamline processes and workflows in far less time with 100% accuracy.

Since 3PL and Supply Chain exist as an outsourced 'Service Provider' to businesses relying on them to warehouse and execute their supply chain distribution; accuracy is paramount to the success of their service delivery to their Customers who entrust them to operate as an extension of their own business, picking and packing their Customer's outbound orders to their B2B or B2C resale channels and to accurately receive their replenishment inventory and update their technology accordingly.

Having a team you can trust to execute accurately and timely is imperative in the time-sensitive 3PL sector. It is a hyper-competitive industry with thousands of 3PL businesses aggressively in existence.

The Jombone platform helps 3PL logistics and Supply Chain industries to 'scale' their workforce to meet 'just-in-time' deadline-driven situations for unexpected business workflow 'spikes'.

Jombone's platform helps companies simplify hiring, applying advanced digital technologies to standardize staffing best-practices and pass-on significant cost savings.

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  • Provides hiring cost reductions up to 50%
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  • Enables fully digital, lean and effective staffing and hiring process
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