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Finding Skilled Workers: Challenges in 2024

The search for skilled workers is a pressing challenge faced by industrial facilities in 2024. The landscape of workforce recruitment and retention is evolving, presenting multifaceted hurdles for employers. Let's look into the key challenges impacting this crucial aspect of the manufacturing industry.

Stagnant Labour Pools

In today's industrial landscape, one of the foremost challenges faced by employers is the stagnation of local labor pools. The demand for skilled workers often surpasses the availability of qualified individuals, leading to a substantial talent gap. This discrepancy is further exacerbated by the rapid growth of gig work opportunities, which entice potential workers away from traditional employment models.
Additionally, the integration of automation in various industrial processes has transformed the nature of labor requirements, creating a mismatch between the skills possessed by the available workforce and those demanded by evolving job roles. Furthermore, the demographic composition of the labor pool is undergoing significant shifts, presenting new challenges in aligning the available talent with the needs of industrial facilities. These factors collectively contribute to the stagnant nature of local labor pools, posing a significant hurdle for employers seeking to fill vital positions within their organizations.

Workforce Quality Challenge

The quality of the workforce has become a central concern for employers in the current market. The proliferation of gig work and the increasing demands of automated processes have redefined the skill sets required for industrial tasks. This shift has led to a disparity between the skills possessed by the available workforce and those demanded by modern industrial roles. Furthermore, demographic changes in the workforce, coupled with educational disparities, have contributed to the challenge of ensuring a high-quality talent pool.
Employers are now compelled to rethink their recruitment strategies and invest in training programs to bridge the gap between the available workforce and the skill demands of contemporary industrial processes. Moreover, the need to adapt to evolving workforce dynamics requires a proactive approach to talent acquisition and retention, necessitating a blend of traditional recruitment practices and innovative solutions to address the workforce quality challenge effectively.

High Turnover Rates

The industrial sector is grappling with persistently high turnover rates, driven by several factors that influence the decisions of employees to seek alternative employment opportunities. Competitive pay rates offered by rival employers often lure workers away, contributing to the turnover dilemma. Moreover, the preference for shorter commutes and an increased emphasis on work-life balance have emerged as significant determinants of employee retention.
The evolving priorities of the modern workforce, coupled with immigration patterns, further impact the stability of the labor force within industrial facilities. Employers are thus faced with the task of devising strategies that not only attract talent but also foster an environment conducive to long-term commitment from employees, mitigating the challenges posed by high turnover rates.

Candidate Engagement

Engaging potential candidates in a landscape characterized by instant gratification culture and pervasive social media immersion presents a formidable challenge for employers. Traditional recruitment methods, once effective in capturing the attention and commitment of prospective workers, now fall short in the face of evolving candidate expectations. As such, employers are confronted with the need to adopt innovative approaches to engagement, leveraging digital platforms and tailored communication strategies to resonate with the preferences of the modern workforce. Building a robust employer brand and crafting compelling narratives that align with the values and aspirations of potential candidates are pivotal in fostering sustained engagement and commitment. The ability to adapt to the evolving dynamics of candidate engagement is crucial for employers seeking to navigate the complexities of the contemporary industrial labor market.
The multifaceted challenges of stagnant labor pools, workforce quality, high turnover rates, and candidate engagement collectively underscore the intricate nature of finding and retaining skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. Employers must embrace adaptability and innovation to effectively address these challenges, laying the foundation for a cohesive and sustainable workforce strategy.

Multiple Staffing Vendors

Reliance on multiple staffing vendors poses several problems, including complexities, inefficiencies, and added costs such as administrative burdens and fragmented communication. While this approach aims to ensure a continuous candidate flow, it often results in challenges when it comes to managing them effectively. The process of managing numerous vendor relationships can strain resources and lead to a lack of accountability, making internal reporting processes very costly and inefficient.
Engaging multiple staffing vendors may seem like a strategy to diversify candidate sources and increase the chances of finding the right talent. However, this approach often falls short of expectations. Businesses may face difficulties in coordinating with multiple vendors, leading to fragmented communication and increased administrative burdens. This not only strains internal resources but also hampers the overall efficiency of the recruitment process.

Reliance on multiple vendors poses several problems

Engaging multiple staffing vendors brings complexities, inefficiencies, and added costs like administrative burdens and fragmented communication. While this approach aims to ensure a continuous candidate flow, it often results in challenges to manage them. Managing numerous vendor relationships strains resources and lead to the lack of accountability, making internal reporting processes very costly and in-efficient.

Candidate Volume

Businesses expect high volume by engaging multiple vendors, often proves insufficient as they draw from the same local labor pool, lacks effective strategies and quality recruiters.

Costs Benefit Value

Businesses invest significant time (HR, Ops, Procurement etc.) managing multiple vendors, unaware of the negative cost benefit due to high conversion costs and markups.

Untrained Staff

Staffing agencies may employ untrained recruiters lacking required experience, leading to wasted time, high turnover rates, and negative impacts on business operations.


Staffing agencies' lack of transparency and regulatory compliance leads to negative experiences, impacting brands and undermining trust with businesses.

Sketchy Practices

Incorrect worker classification, making cash payments and lacking proper regulatory documentation, significantly increases business exposure and legal risk.

Exceptions & Errors

Processing incorrect/missing payroll hours, and invoicing errors leads to costly exceptions, causing businesses to lose '000s of dollars. Time spent resolving issues leads to inconvenience.

Jombone - Digital Staffing

Harnessing AI and Analytics with an integrated Digital Staffing solution

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Ensure Rule-Based Employment Compliance

Jombone cloud offers Real Time visibility for Hiring Managers, Supervisors to Accounts teams. Tailored reports, track budgets, cost centers, time-to-fill, and turnover reports.

Gain Total Visibility & Control

Centralize & standardize your staffing processes. Manage multi-location operations seamlessly on one platform, saving costs & ensuring consistency. Take charge of your staffing journey.

Quality Employment Ready Workforce

Apart from managing the current workforce volume, warehouses and production facilities must ensure workers consistently meet service standards regarding attendance, professionalism, safety adherence, and attention to detail.

Less Training Time

Digital staffing and mobile technology streamline industrial worker training, saving time and resources. Faster onboarding, improved access to materials, enhanced communication, and increased efficiency benefit business clients with cost savings and productivity gains.

Less Turnover

Technology decreases turnover rates for industrial workforce hiring by enhancing/ streamlining ongoing communication, training, and engagement. Benefits include improved retention, cost savings, and increased productivity for business clients.

Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize productivity and efficiency in industrial workforce hiring by streamlining processes, and providing real-time data. Benefits include reduced downtime, improved resource allocation, and performance

Better Engagement

Foster better work engagement by facilitating communication, providing access to resources, and promoting collaboration. Business clients benefit from increased employee satisfaction, reduced turnover, and enhanced productivity.

Complete Transparency

Embrace certainty with Jombone. Say goodbye to unfilled shifts and guesswork. Our transparent approach enables reliable workforce planning, elevating efficiency and cost-effectiveness for satisfied clients. Unlock your workforce's potential today.

Know Who’s Placed & Coming To Work

Gain insight into the complete employment profile of the placements made. Review complete information in the full hiring cycle; on-demand!

Direct Send-ins, Know How Many

If you've chosen direct send-ins, track the number of workers arriving at work with full details. Never be surprised, fully transparent.

Be Assured With Work Confirmations

Rest assured that confirmed workers will show up for work. In the event of no-shows, receive early notifications and automatic replacements are swiftly confirmed.

Full Markup Cost Breakdown

Access a comprehensive breakdown of your workforce spend, compare it with your budgets, and remain on track. Use predictive AI to forecast your spend.


In the modern business landscape, achieving success necessitates adaptability, innovation, and openness. Jombone pioneers a staffing revolution by harnessing technology, offering businesses tailored solutions to meet their distinct needs.

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