Warehouse Janitor

Jombone Vancouver

Richmond, BC, Canada

Available Shifts

Shift Start
Shift End
Pay Rate Range

Desired Skills

Job Motivators

Shorter Commute

Must Drive

Job Description

Job Function

Warehouse janitor is responsible for keeping the warehouse clean and free of safety hazards. 

Mandatory Requirements

  • Previous at least 3 months of experience working in a warehouse environment
  • Previous experience in using Rf guns
  • Follows & respects strict health & safety SOP’s
  • Ability to handle physical workload
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Job Responsibilities

  • Doing a variety of tasks in the warehouse and helping other team members 
  • Sweep, vacuum, wax, and mop the floor
  • Sanitize warehouse facilities
  • Maintain ventilation systems 
  • Warehouse general housekeeping: sweeping, re-cycle materials, garbage removal
  • Maintaining warehouse safety requirements
  • Other duties as assigned

Soft Skills

  • English fluency – clear verbal command, read, write, comprehension
  • Attention to detail & accuracy with numbered bin locations and picking line items
  • Focused & sense of urgency to meet daily KPI’s in a fast-paced environment
  • English proficiency – reading, written and verbal fluency 

Physical Demands & PPE

CSA ‘green tag’ Safety Boots with ankle protection; Safe Lifting: 1 to 50 lbs (continuous or non-continuous); Physical Movements – 50% standing, walking, lifting, bending & 50% sitting while driving


Not available