Why Are There So Many Staffing Agencies – What the Heck!

Busy Hiring Managers in all size of organizations are bombarded with Temp Agency “Drop off Folders” and receive (daily) dozens of ‘hounding’ phone calls – mostly turning into voicemails that never get played by the Decision Maker.

In Canada, the ‘Temp Agency’ business model has remained unchanged for the last 70+ years! During strong economic cycles…… savvy Entrepreneur ‘Wannabes’ have learned through the information explosion that all you need is a phone and internet connection to become a “Temp Staffing Agency“.

Having only one priority for their own personal gain …..and no knowledge or respect of the “Employment Standards Act” of Ontario, these ‘Temp Agency” entities are creating huge workplace liability for the companies, Supervising Managers and the possibility of up to $20,000.00 in personal fines and unlimited corporate fines. Workers who are ‘double-dipping’ as an example, drawing E.I. AND working cash jobs, are in fact involved in fraudulent activities and costing the average tax-payers of Canada, hundreds of millions of lost payroll taxes, WSIB Premiums and HST thefts.

Jombone understands that with the increase in Competition (across all industries), companies need to save costs and find ways to lower their annual budgetary spends. Therefore, the Jombone platform offers higher quality workers with lower costs and full transparency to its clients

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