Staffing for businesses with ease!

As the world’s first Single-Unified Human Capital Solution, Jombone seamlessly connects every component of the staffing solutions ecosystem. With Jombone, you can simplify enterprise-class human capital management. 

Jombone’s Unique Solution 

Jombone is connected to a double-sided LIVE network of workers and businesses. We use a unique hyper-growth social networking-based Community Recruitment talent acquisition model. It provides fully digital recruitment and automation of the hiring process. Jombone offers end-to-end staffing and human resource management. It provides payroll process automation that is fully integrated with industry-leading accounting/ERP software and an integrated payment processing solution for payroll disbursement. We offer on-demand recruitment and workforce-related operational and financial reporting and a configuration of local labor and compliance management within the solution. 

Jombone’s Value Proposition

It is simple, efficient, and convenient for everyone involved. It’s affordable for businesses of all sizes. Eliminate recruitment and hiring fatigue from the recruitment process by using a unique algorithm tailored for Volume, On-demand, and Contingent hiring. A viral, universally scalable talent acquisition business model that creates both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for users. Features for contextual employee involvement, assessment, and processing. Designed for future workforce working in advanced virtual interaction environments.  

Key Jombone Features (Sophistication made simple)

Jombone offers Contextual IM, email, text, audio-video calls with playback capabilities. Intelligent hiring using Jombone’s AI-INSIGHTER provides actionable intelligence by aggregating past and present data to identify specific hard and soft employee attributes, such as aptitude, quality, time puncture, reliability, turnover potential, and number of no-shows. Integration with Google Maps platform for smart search and commuting. Monitor business activity with integrated operations, budget, and financial reporting. Machine learning-based face recognition time tracking Jombone for Business iPad app. Automatic approval of timesheets based on business, payroll, regional labor, and individual business’s employment rules. Out of the box, one-click integration with QuickBooks, Sage, and Oracle NetSuite (Other systems on the roadmap). Automatic shift rosters and planning with live insights into the availability of ongoing shifts and employee time preferences. Learning Management System, content curation/sharing, collaboration with different users. Available for both web and mobile apps.  

Jombone’s Primary Users

Jombone’s primary users are candidates who are looking for work, currently focusing industrial blue-collar workers, and businesses of all sizes, VSMBs, SMBs, Mid-market & Enterprises.