Prepare Yourself for the 2021 Summer Job Hunt

It’s no secret that the job market has taken a massive hit because of the pandemic and endless lockdowns. Whether you’ve been directly or indirectly affected, it’s been a challenging year. The good news? 

Once these restrictions lift, there will be an influx of jobs!

So how can you prepare for the 2021 summer job hunt? 

1. Get Vaccinated

Being job-ready means you need to be healthy and prepared to re-enter the workspace. Making sure you’re vaccinated is imperative. This is the key to staying safe post-pandemic and protecting your community. Make sure to consult your region’s health guidelines to check your eligibility for a vaccine, and book that appointment when you can!

For international students and those who aren’t permanent residents in Canada, check out this link that can provide you with helpful information regarding vaccines and travel.

Besides health-related preparations, there’s another way you can prepare for your future job. 

2. Prepare your Jombone Profile

Sign-up as a candidate on the Jombone platform, and start preparing your profile! Then, when the job opportunities start popping up, you’ll thank yourself when that profile is spick and span and ready to go. 

Upload a video cover letter, update your previous work details, upload work documents and permits and more. By polishing your profile, you’ll be one of the best candidates on any jobs’ roster. You can even prepare further by adding some training under your belt. 

Jombone offers Health & Safety training, so your employer doesn’t have to worry about preparing you once you start. Jombone also provides you with relevant content resources that you can indulge in while searching. Prep your profile and refresh your mind. 

3. Start Applying

On the Jombone platform, all you need to do is scroll through the jobs being offered and hit the apply button. No tweaking resumes and cover letters—no stressing about tailoring your application to match each job description. Instead, simply create your profile, and apply away! 

Jombone offers a platform so efficient you can even download it on your mobile device and apply on the go if you’d like. Available on iOS and Android devices, you can continuously keep your eye on your application process from anywhere.

It’s been a strange year, but it’s only looking up from here! Here at Jombone, we can’t wait to see you succeed and storm the job market. 

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