PPE Training for COVID Safety

What is PPE training?

PPE training teaches employees how to properly use personal protective equipment to protect themselves from hazardous materials.

PPE protects the workers and the people around them from illness and harm. And also helps prevent the spread of sickness at workplace. 

Types of PPE

There are many different types of PPE like, head protection, eye & face protection, protective clothing, hand protection and footwear. 

Head protection

It helps prevent injury to the skull from blows, shock, fire, and any other hazards. Head protection should be worn by everyone who works in an environment where falling items could cause injury.

Eye & face protection

Proper face coverings like glasses and masks protects the worker’s face from any hazardous liquids that splash and airborne particles. People working in loud environments should always wear earbuds or noise cancelling headphones to protect their hearing from any damage.

Protective clothing

Wearing protective clothes at work can protect your body and vital organs from any injury. It also protects your body from extreme temperatures at workplace.

Hand protection

Proper use of hand gloves and finger guards protects the workers who deal with chemicals and heavy machinery. It also protects from contagious diseases and spread of bacteria at the workplace.


Wearing proper safety boots at work protects employees from slipping and causing injuries, especially to their head. It also protects them from electric shocks, burns, and prevent the spread of bacteria especially in healthcare centres.

Stay safe at work!

We hope you learned a lot and will continue to use this knowledge to stay safe at work.