Post-Pandemic Recovery: Digital Staffing

As the economy recovers post-pandemic it’s essential for businesses to start considering how the road to recovery includes adopting digital methods. To stay afloat and grow with the changes we’re being faced with, businesses should get ahead of the game and start utilizing digital staffing methods. 

Digital staffing methods make it easier for your business to find employees that are a perfect fit for your environment. Additionally, these digital staffing methods are extremely cost-efficient. In this recovery period, reducing costs is absolutely vital to survival. 

Here at Jombone, we’ve digitally transformed the temporary staffing industry. Through our platform, you can set preferences to filter applicants based on your needs, and conduct all staffing processes through the platform. Businesses can also leverage the power of social networking through the Jombone platform by adding individuals to your network, and growing that web of connections. 

Through automated staffing processing, Jombone smooths out the road to success making recovery a breeze. Taking it a step further, once you have those employees chosen you can use the platform to manage shifts, automate payroll processing, delegate tasks, and process timesheets. The features Jombone provides will solve 99% of those problems you have surrounding the staffing process. 

Interested in using Jombone? Get in touch with us directly by sending an email to, or give us a call at +1 (888) 400-9896. 

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