Learning Opportunities we never thought possible until COVID-19

It has taken a global pandemic of unthinkable proportions for our Society to ‘get-back-to-basics’ and re-evaluate our priorities. In 3 months, we’ve adapted our behaviours to Corona-induced life changes:

Social Interactions – governed by the use of digital, video and telecommunications technology.  We’ve found creative ways to stay connected with our networks of colleagues, family and friends – limited only by our imagination

Redefined Work Style – work is a new ‘ecosystem’ of virtual resources, technology and behavioural norms and a thing that we do, no longer a place that we go

Health Consciousness – we’re re-thinking things like taking better care of our immune systems, cooking our meals at home, baking our own bread, spending inordinate amounts of family time – walking, talking, exercising and homeschooling together

Learnings we should not under-estimate:

1. The world has changed, and we’ve just seen how fast or slow it can change – WE decide

2. Adaptation is KEY (think of it as an ‘excellent adventure’ & it will go so much easier)

3. It’s now ‘Survival-of-the-Quickest’ no longer the ‘Fittest’ (enough said!)

4. Many of us will benefit from ‘Forced Entrepreneurship’ – re-inventing ourselves  

5. Mother Nature has given us an ‘Ego slap’ – we’ve seen a huge difference without pollution and hopefully will savour the beauty that surrounds us with more gratitude 

Corona Virus has been the catalyst for massive change on our planet.

In response, we’ve ‘shown up’ with so many generous acts of kindness, courage, fearless dedication to helping others, and inspiring people who find ways to ‘pay-it-forward’ every day, perhaps leaving someone feeling hopeful and a little bit better than you found them.

Here’s what we learned that will never change…… Life is fragile and beautiful, in and of itself.

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