Jombone’s Digital Staffing Platform: What’s in it for Job Seekers?

Jombone connects job seekers with local businesses and helps them in finding their next job and shift. The digital staffing platform is responsible for managing the end-to-end employment lifecycle and enhances the power of recruiting people from local communities by utilizing local human capital and workforce management software systems for businesses of all sizes.

By eliminating recruitment overheads in industrial staffing, the technology provides a self-service option for businesses to manage their staffing and temporary assignment operations.

On the other hand, Jombone’s downloadable mobile apps, Jombone Android & Jombone iOS, make it fast, easy and convenient for workers to sign-up while eliminating the need for resume building, traveling, and registering themselves with recruitment firms. Furthermore, candidates are comfortable in using mobile apps because technology and services are always evolving to meet their needs, help them learn new skills, and keep them informed of opportunities in their communities.

The platform lets job seekers build their digital profiles and provides them job suggestions based on the preferences they’ve set within the system. Candidates can also browse through various other jobs posted in the system and share them across multiple social media platforms.

Jombone helps businesses enhance the power of their hiring brands in local communities. Currently, there is no easy way for small and medium-sized businesses to effectively hire and manage hourly employees without using a staffing agency. Jombone is a disruptive technology that provides a new employment tool for people looking for work and empowers them in finding their next job and shift.

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