Jombone mobile apps for workers

Jombone is a digital self-serve jobs management platform for people in search of work.

The platform enables you to build and manage your hiring profile once so that you don’t have to upload and share your resume every time you apply for a job. You have the full control of your hiring profile and it gets shared with the hiring companies in real-time as they post jobs. No hiring company would ask for your resume. 

Within Jombone, you can set your job preferences like skills, geo-location, availability, shift times and desired pay rates. You can follow Companies and Industries, so you don’t ever miss a job opportunity. Jombone integrates with Google maps in real-time to allow you to calculate your job commute instantly.

You can manage the entire lifecycle of your job application process all in one place, including:

1. Applications made (with the ability to withdraw any time)

2. Job Offers received (with the ability to accept or reject)

3. Current Employments (with ability to Sign-In and Sign-Out, access to previous timesheets). Never miss an hour and/or dollar from your paycheque

4. Past Employments (with the ability to download your Record of Employment)

Jombone in-app media feed includes training articles, videos and blogs will keep you up to date with topics like Workplace Safety, Skills Enhancement, WHMIS, Occupational Health and Safety, relevant industry News, Career Coaching, Company information and much more.

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