Interviewing Remotely – Sounds simple, right?

Here’s a quick checklist to show your ‘Best Self’ on a video interview. 

Video interviews have been in use by Recruiters for some time, typically using Skype or Facetime.  Zoom, Microsoft Teams and ‘Go To Meeting’ are widely in use now and could become the accepted ‘norm’ for the foreseeable future. 

Set The Stage: 

  • Have a well-lit, clutter-free back-drop (you’ll see this on all TV & Newsfeed media) 
  • Complete a sound and video check and test run well in advance of your interview time 

Dress Well: 

  • Dress in a business top with dress pants (don’t flash your sweatpants or PJ’s) 

Social Queues: 

  • Pay attention to ‘non-verbal’ cues which may be a little harder to pick up on over video 
  • Make eye contact and stay engaged while listening attentively 
  • Preparedness is Everything = Believe it and Own it! 

Brush up on 8 to 10 interview questions, (Google a list of behavioural and situational ones) and write down your own answers ahead of time – role-play with a family member or friend is a very effective way to develop your comfort level 

When you review your accomplishments, attributes, strengths, weaknesses, and how you’ve conducted yourself during challenges and conflict, you’re able to prepare and compose your thoughts about YOU with smooth delivery of your answers without being blind-sided and stuck for an answer. 

Be Yourself – ‘Soft’ Skills Count! 

  • Remember to smile, allowing your positivity, humility, authenticity and passion to show when appropriate. It’s important for the Interviewer to get a sense of your personality 


  • Ask about next steps in the process and how you should follow up with them 
  • Thank the Interviewer for their time and send a thank you email the same day 

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