Hiring Contributors, Not just Workers!

Fortunately, challenges faced by job seekers with minimal skills are not necessarily complex nor should they be insurmountable.  Yet, many employers seem to stop dead-in-their-tracks at this one: ‘no Canadian work experience’.  

Canadian industries in need of ‘light industrial’ entry-level labour will have to right-adjust their expectations and create a new checklist of boxes to realistically adapt to the ‘new’ workforce in the ‘new’ economy!  

So, what does that mean and look like?  Hiring Managers will need to stretch their imagination and tackle alternate methodologies to achieve a comfort-level with effective screening & vetting candidates who possess minimal skills (initially) to contribute to a company’s albeit, ‘mission-critical’ entry-level positions.  

Perhaps a ‘GOOD TO GREAT’ approach when you see a candidate with something indicative of ‘high potential’ attributes (hard-skills) and some dynamism with their soft-skills then you may have to ask yourself, “where could we put this person?” while we train and coach them into a (higher-performing) Contributor-in-the-making!  

Keeping this in a simplified perspective is also important to our hiring sanity, we know that the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, right? 

Then let’s be our best ‘all-Canadian’ problem solvers that we are and create new ways to conquer the ‘labour shortage’ in Canada!  Let’s ratchet-down our expectations, use realistic, relevant alternative ways to identify, test and select Candidates who are exceedingly grateful and accepting of a responsibility to join your team, who will become a ‘Contributor’ to your business outcome no matter how big or small their skill levels are!    

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