3 technology trends that have pulled the future forward

Now more than ever, leadership and change management will ultimately determine a company’s fate, by their agility to adopt the use of digital technologies. Progressive businesses who plan for a successful transition moving into the ‘4th industrial revolution’ are laser-focused on hot topics of human capital talent, operational KPI’s, market share, financial and measurable ROI as well as Investor returns.

Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, e-Commerce, Retail, Automotive, and Financial services – are just a few of the many sectors in search of efficiencies and cost-savings. Savvy ‘decision-makers’ are turning to digital technology to bolster their bottom line.

These 3 technologies will transform our workplace hierarchy in a ‘post-Covid’ world:

Artificial Intelligence:

 ‘AI’ has moved into the mainstream of our daily lives driven by cloud computing, open-source software, and improved algorithms; fundamentally altering how we work, shop and manage businesses. Chatbots engage us, as we research online purchases for major ‘decision’ purchases or services, like cars or insurance quotations powered by AI. 

Smartphones use AI built-in Assistants like Siri, even portrait mode uses AI to ‘adjust’ our photographic perceptions. AI has also affected how we drive, transmitting on-the-road updates to Tesla vehicle owners enriching their on-board computer and GPS systems.  Google is experimenting with 62,000 Chrysler vans with their Waymo division.

 AI is everywhere and it’s here to stay. Trillionaires will be made by this tech trend!  


As Humans, we deal with a myriad of issues related to physical and mental health, family and financial ‘life’ challenges, resulting in significant revenue and productivity losses to our domestic economy. Meanwhile, Robotics creates stable workflows, requiring mostly basic preventative maintenance to perform repetitive tasks, freeing up labour workforces to complete tasks requiring human intervention, increasing levels of job engagement and avoiding productivity losses. (they also don’t get sick, no-show, or have attitude!)

It’s clear that the ‘cost-versus-benefit’ justification, for the acquisition of robotic capital equipment is a breakthrough for reliable productivity forecasting and a ‘no-brainer’ when you do the math!

Data Analytics (DA):

 ‘DA’ empowers businesses to make the leap from reaction-based results to ‘real-time’ decisions, enabling optimal ‘process improvement’ to economic output.

So…. what’s changed?

‘DA’ has been maturing in lock-step with computing power.  Until recently, it’s been a static tool using periodic data from CRM & ERP platforms providing ‘dashboard’ analytics for subsequent review and decision-making activity.

“Smart organizations use analytics.  Successful ones, embed it.”

Embedded ‘DA’ facilitates ‘operationalizing’ – simply put, we’re able to apply solutions to business operations throughout an organization, in ‘real-time’ based on data as we receive it and more importantly, take ASAP action at any point in the midst of the processing ‘period’.

Are you ready for the “4th Industrial Revolution”?

As Humans, we can count on change to remain constant.

The combination of Artificial intelligence, Robotics and Data Analytics will eliminate many traditional supply chain issues – leaving the ‘Superjobs’ to our post-Corona workforce.

How have you been applying change to your business in 2020?

We’d love to hear all about it. Drop us a note at: info@jombone.com

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